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Unless you are the first visitor on a new planet or can travel back in time there is absolute certainty that there are people in the world who can do exactly what you do. Added to which a majority of them may well able to do it better, faster and cheaper than you can. Don't be downhearted about this though, why? Because most of them won’t or can’t be bothered to invest the time, money and effort needed to develop their knowledge, skills and expertise in a way that creates market-beating differentiation. Sad and true for them, fantastic news for you. Here’s the best bit. Differentiation is marginal. What do I mean by marginal exactly? I mean that it’s not required all the time and is based upon two significant variables, urgency and relevance.

Let me ask you a question. Is a world-class footballer paid millions per year for his time spent training, doing PR, attending events or tending to mundane day-to-day activities? No of course not. In fact, he is not even paid millions for the minutes he actually spends on the pitch each week. He is rewarded so highly for the few seconds or minutes of magic that provides maximum impact. The takeaway here is that those capable of delivering real unbeatable differentiation to their customers, clients and employers are rewarded for tangible outcomes and results delivered where and when it’s needed most.and not for the time spent doing it.

Differentiators are rewarded for just three things.

  • #1. Their knowledge, experience and expertise.
  • #2. knowing when, when and how best to apply it for maximum return.
  • #3 Creating exactly the right conditions to maximise the delivery of that value. ( the magic 5%)

In short, differentiators don't focus on meaningless titles, opinions or even qualifications. They focus purely on the delivery of desired results.

Here are three ways you can quickly start to provide distinctive differentiation

#1. Differentiators Seek Problems.

Most people will do their utmost to avoid problems and challenges, and at a basic level that makes perfect sense. Why would you want to go looking for trouble after all, when you can quietly keep yourself inconspicuous and out of the limelight? Well, that’s the problem right there. Those looking to stand out from the crowd do so proactively. They seek adverse conditions and environments that offer the best opportunities to shine. And with everyone else either running in the opposite direction, wasting their time and effort competing with others, indulging in pointless political games or gaining trivial wins that no one except themselves cares about it's easy to see that your real competition to stand out from the crowd will be so low as to be virtually non existent

#2. Differentiators Are Creators

organisations are full of people spouting regurgitated opinions, anecdotes and theories. What they are really crying out for are good creative ideas. Want to really differentiate yourself from the commodity crowd, challenge current thinking, generate new ideas, create a solution, a product or a service and then formulate a plan for executing and applying it environments where it matters.

#3. Differentiators Shine The Light

Most organisations have a ton of easily resourced commodity hands to do the manual, repeatable and quite frankly uninteresting work. Where they find themselves lacking most is having people capable of thought leadership, providing valuable insights and those who can not only create clarity and vision conceptually but can guide, direct and facilitate implementation quickly and efficiently.


You can't stand out if you're an easily replaced commodity. Commodities have little differentiation that's why they are commodities. Commodity hands to do the work are ten a penny, are cheaply available and instantly expendable. , Thinkers, action takers, and those who can leverage their knowledge, experience and expertise to create solutions that resolve difficult challenges and design ways to implement them efficiently and effectively are far scarcer resources and as such are in high demand.

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