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Where Is Your Focus

Where Is Your Focus?

Many years ago I learnt to ride a motorcycle. During my instruction, my trainer provided a number of life-saving strategies for making safe and steady progress. These strategies instantly struck a chord with me and have remained indelibly stuck in my mind all these years later. In fact, they were so relevant, I found myself applying them in all manner of circumstances and scenarios in my everyday life. There is no rocket science or gobsmacking revelations here, just simple pragmatic common sense advice that has worked well for me. I hope in some way you can take these simple principles and apply them with success in your own life.

#1 Whatever you are doing, under whatever conditions, keep a clear view of what’s ahead. - Simple I know, but the fact is our attention and focus is quickly and easily lost. Maintaining a clear and focused view of the road ahead is not only important for avoiding the inevitable bumps in the road, its essential for being able to navigate and adjust your course as required along the way.

#2 Look where you want to go. - As a motorcycle rider, this was one of the most important strategies I ever learnt. It’s also served me very well in both my personal and professional life ever since. If you’re riding a motorcycle and focusing on that ditch as you come round the corner guess where you're going to end up? The plain truth is that you will always end up where you are looking. With this in mind, it makes sense to keep your head up and maintain a clear view of your destination at all times.

#3 Anticipate the unexpected.Feel free to plan all you like, but you never know what you're going to be presented around the next corner. Accepting and expecting that “shit” will happen will keep you well primed and ready for action when it does. Comfort, complacency and ignorance will derail you every time.

#4 Be ready to take action - It’s not events that dictate outcomes and results, it’s your response to them that counts.

#5 Always have a plan B - As a rider you always have a plan B, in fact, you’re constantly assessing the environment, conditions and variables around you with a keen eye on potential hazards, escape routes and evasive actions that will serve to negate or remove the inevitable “what if” moment. Doing the same on a day-to-day basis is a good practice to get yourself into. Those around you who are reactive running around, panicking, stressed and anxious don't have plan B’s. Proactive thinkers rarely leave home without one and suffer far less panic, stress and anxiety as a result.

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