How To Become A Startup Pro - Earn While You Learn

Book Two In The Startup Pro Series

Chapter 6 - Leverage Your Network

You quite literally have the world at your fingertips. Developing networks, relationships and associations has never been easier or faster to achieve. You can easily poll opinion, gain consensus and track trends. You can make new connections, spread your message, ask for help, get instant feedback and quickly test and validate your ideas and assumptions. In fact, ask for just about anything and someone, somewhere will be able to help you, I guarantee it. We all have a wealth of knowledge and experience at our fingertips, yet few are using it to their full advantage.

A big part of making measurable progress is leveraging everything you can to make that journey easier, faster, simpler, cheaper and more effective. Make sure you are using every tool and resource at your disposal to help you achieve that goal. You really have no excuses.

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