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Book Two In The Startup Pro Series

Chapter 3 - QSS

Quick, Small and Simple (QSS) startups are designed to be agile in nature and require minimal resource investment, whilst still developing fast and sustainable revenues. Measure this against the traditional age-old monolithic business approach that takes significant risk-bound time, effort and investment to get off the ground, with little or no guarantee of success. Having one large business operation also relies upon you putting all of your eggs into one basket. The challenge here, of course, is that when that particular basket gives way so does your entire income stream, and more often than not your livelihood along with it.

What we are doing with the QSS startup especially in the early stages is developing Quick, Small, Simple and discrete income streams that contribute to your wider overall turnover. Look at it as though you are the parent company and you’re building out a diverse range of smaller companies within your group. It's exactly the same methodology used by large corporate organisations, only scaled down to suit the solo entrepreneurs, creators and small business setups. There are a significant number of advantages of using the QSS methodology over the traditional “all in” approach, and here are some of them:

QSS Advantage #1 - Minimum capital required.

QSS Advantage #2 - Requires minimal time and effort investment to get started - many entrepreneurs can get a QSS startup up and running in anything from a couple of days to a few weeks.

QSS Advantage #3 - Allows you to pivot at any time, simply, easily and cost-effectively.

QSS Advantage #4 - Allows you to quickly test ideas and iterate your offerings - no lengthy development life cycles and associated costs.

QSS Advantage #5 - Keeps decision making to a minimum.

QSS Advantage #6 - Minimises complexity, uncertainty and risk - you are only investing small amounts of capital and time to test and validate your ideas in the first instance.

QSS Advantage #7 - You can easily scale your small QSS micro startup portfolio as wide and as deep as you like.

QSS Advantage #8 - It’s easy to identify the good opportunities and dump those that are not working as expected.

QSS Advantage #9 - It safeguards your income. If several of your micro startups wind up not working out as expected or take a downturn for whatever reason you will always have enough income to sustain your position whilst building out new streams.

QSS Advantage #10 - QSS micro startups are easy to grow especially when you learn how to automate and standardise the process.

QSS Advantage #11 - Adopts an agile mindset making it quick and easy to identify and act upon new opportunities without the need to divert attention away from your main income.

QSS Advantage #12 - Can be quickly and easily started “on the side”, in fact, that's the preferred method.

QSS Advantage #13 - Allows you to build a portfolio of discrete independent income channels across a diverse range of industries and business types.

QSS Advantage #14 - Can easily be delegated to others to run once started.

QSS Advantage #15 - It's fun to do (not to be underestimated).

Whatever route you decide to take just keep the core QSS startup principles in mind at all times. Quick, Small and Simple

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