How To Become A Startup Pro - Earn While You Learn

Book Two In The Startup Pro Series

Chapter 1 - It's Never Been Easier

Starting up a successful “on the side” business has never been easier, cheaper and more accessible than it is right now. Technology, alongside the vast array of growing educational resources and social financing options, has exponentially increased our capability and capacity to quickly design, develop and deliver products and services that would have been out of reach just a short time ago. These unprecedented opportunities are allowing a growing number of creators and entrepreneurs to fuel alternative lifestyles, create sustainable financial self-sufficiency and, most importantly, to pave the way for increased personal freedom and discretionary time. /

The challenge for many aspiring creative entrepreneurs is not in “what” needs to be done, but in the mechanics of “how”. It’s the valuable tacit knowledge, experience and expertise needed to make it work successfully that's so often missing. In creating the Startup Pro series of books, tools, training programs and community groups I have developed the valuable resources needed to guide, advise and educate the growing army of everyday “on the side” creators and entrepreneurs on how best to create lifestyles of self-sufficiency, financial security, discretionary time and freedom for themselves while flattening the learning curve and negating many of the most common risks associated with new startups. If I can get just a handful of people started and help them to reach their goals whilst avoid costly, time-consuming mistakes then my work will have been all the more worthwhile.

This is the second book in the “How To Become A Startup Pro - On The Side” series and continues to build upon the foundations and learnings of the first book. Whilst each book in the series is completely standalone in its own right, I would suggest you read them in order to best appreciate and understand the backstory of how I got started building successful “on the side” projects and have continued to do so for over twenty-five years, alongside the experience and knowledge gained along the way. This may be particularly advantageous if you are embarking upon your first creative “on the side” adventure.

Chapter 2 - Simple Innovations

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