Retire From The Job Series

Learn Everything You Need To Know About How To Give Up The Grind & Retire From The Job

Episode 3 - What's Your Freedom?

Freedom is very subjective. Your version of freedom, choices and goals will be specific to you and will likely be very different from my own. Your passions, motivations and drivers will ultimately be your guide on what you do, how you do it and why. Some of you reading this will want to ditch full-time employment completely and do what you love and get paid for it whilst moving towards living a simpler more fulfilling and financially secure lifestyle. Others, however, may be forced into action due to changes in personal and or professional circumstances that are beyond their control. Personally, I love new challenges alongside the advantages of accelerating my capability to make my own decisions, create self-reliance, long term independence and financial sustainability.

Planning for a significant lifestyle change may mean replacing your current 9-5 income or working towards early retirement. For others, it may mean securing additional discretionary time by working fewer hours to increase their quality of life whilst becoming more financially secure. Perhaps your goal is to develop multiple sources of dependable self-sufficient income to enhance your financial resilience should the worst happen?

While freedom, choice and self-sufficiency can mean very different things to different people, one thing I can tell you for sure is this. You absolutely need to be crystal clear about what your version of freedom looks like before you start. It can change along the way of course, and more than likely will, but you need to know what "success" looks like for you right now. In short, you need to be clear on the following:

#1.Your Motivation(s) - Why are you doing what you are doing? In other words, what is your purpose? This will not only keep you focused when the going gets tough, but it will also help you to build and maintain day-to-day momentum. Your motivation is your mission.

#2.Your Outcomes(s) - What does your future lifestyle look and feel like in granular detail? Understanding what your future state looks like provides you with a clear view of your desired destination.

#3.Your Objective(s) - What would need to be true to deliver your defined outcome? Once you know the "why" and the "what", it's amazing how much simpler the "how" becomes to achieve.

#4.Your Result(s) - What are the measurable benefits delivered once completed? Identifying the benefits is crucial for understanding what success looks like and when it's been attained.

Your motivations, outcomes, objectives and results will not only dictate the why, what, when, where and how of a lifestyle change, they also define a very simple and effective framework for executing and implementing your plans whilst identifying key metrics to measure progress and formulate the success criteria needed to indicate when you have achieved your desired goals.

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