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Episode 2 - Where I Am Today?

At the time of writing I’m fifty-one years old and find myself in the enviable and some would say “lucky” position of being Retired From The Job. Just to be clear, retiring from the job for me does not mean I have millions in the bank and can spend the rest of my days with my feet up sipping sangrias in between light snoozes and snacks on a Caribbean beach somewhere. That said, I’m sure I could engineer that scenario if that were my primary goal in life.

The truth is my story is probably very similar to yours, in fact, it may even mirror yours exactly, in that I followed conventional thinking that bigger was better and consumerism was king. Like many, I became fixated on chasing the money because that’s the master we are taught to obey. Now don’t get me wrong there's nothing wrong with chasing money if that’s your thing, but personally, I got to a point where I was no longer willing to pay the high detrimental cost to health, well being and fulfilment that comes with it. In short, I gave up trading my freedom, time and choice for money and decided to find alternative ways of living that would replace what was missing in my life.

Like I said I'm not some pretentious guru type who preaches from atop an ivory tower, I live very much in the real world. I still work to pay the bills and live, but I have engineered a self-sufficient lifestyle to be able to do it under my own steam, at my own pace and more importantly on my own terms. I’m no longer a part of someone else’s plan, I now make my own. I don’t have a boss who knows less than I do breathing down my neck, nor do I have to account for every hour spent slavishly lining the pockets of others. I don’t have to commute nor do I find myself having to subscribe to other people timetables or bow to their priorities. I don’t attend pointless meetings or commit myself to a life of 9-5 drudgery stuck in a nondescript office cubicle somewhere for ten hours a day as a measure of my value. Everything I do nowadays is geared towards increasing the quality and quantity of the following three valuable resources. So in order.

  • #1 - Freedom
  • #2 - Choice
  • #3- Time

You may have noticed that money is not even on the list and there’s a simple reason why. Freedom, choice and time are all traded once you become solely focused on money as your measure of life's value and contribution. It's easy to trade away your most valuable resources. Selling your time for money is a great example. In fact, that’s the model most of the working population subscribe too with the traditional employment model. The same goes for freedom and choice. Money in respect of the RFTJ lifestyle is merely a sufficiency enabler that provides you with just what you need to ensure you can get and do exactly what you want.

Take it from me, I have had six-figure incomes and everything that goes with it, including a big house, nice executive cars, the latest electronic gadgets, holidays and a ton of other frivolous stuff that I finally figured out meant nothing. And do you know what? Those days were truly the most unhappy, painful and emotionally unfulfilling times of my life and it’s not a condition I’m not looking to revisit anytime soon.

Unlike many of the so-called “gurus, and self-professing experts” you can find all over the internet” I’m not so naive as to believe or suggest that you can live off of fresh air, If only! Saying that you would be surprised at just how far that can get you with a few mindset changes and some tenacious planning. Bottom line is, of course, you are going to need money, the real questions, however, are just how much of it you are going to need to make a new lifestyle work? And how are you going to create it?

dapting your attitudes and changing your mindset about money alongside defining your real priorities in life can quickly help you develop your capability and capacity to live a life that’s free from your current financial constraints. A a topic I will be discussing as we progress through this series.

Before I forget I want to take a step back for a moment and discuss a point I made in the opening paragraph about being lucky, because, well it’s a bit of a bugbear of mine. When discussing with other people about how I have managed to Retire From The Job and becomcompletely self-sufficient under my own steam it's’s interesting to note that they nearly always use the term “lucky” to describe my position. I’m always amused by the choice of word, as “lucky” would suggest that my fortuitous position has somehow been bestowed upon me by random good fortune, serendipity or fateful intervention like a big trust fund, an unexpected inheritance or a lottery win rather than thpurposefullyul planned mission of continual learning and years of hard work invested that preceded it. It’s not luck that gets you to where you want to be, it knowing what you want and creating favourable conditions where your efforts can be leveraged to provide as much value as possible.

Retire from the job insight: The harder I worked, invested and created the “luckier” I seemed to become. Funny that.

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