Retire From The Job Series

Learn Everything You Need To Know About How To Retire From The Job

Episode 1 - A Brief Introduction

In some ways writing this blog series is much more difficult than my other series and articles in as much as the subject matter is so vast and relies upon on each individual's own personal position, beliefs, perspectives, motivations and desires. Before you start reading I thought it pertinent to point out exactly why I’m writing this series and its main purpose, so that’s where I will start.

As you will know if you’re a regular reader of my blogs and articles, one of my main passions in my life is to help others make as much progress as possible in theirs. I do this by freely sharing and leveraging as much of my own knowledge, experience and expertise about how to engineer a lifestyle whereby you can give up the grind and Retire Form The Job. This series is a reflection of my own journey of how at 50 years old, I engineered a lifestyle where I was able to permanently give up the grind, Retire From The Job and live the lifestyle of my choosing.

This series is my way of imparting my knowledge and insights about how to Retire From The Job alongside some ideas and tools that you can use to start working on your own plan to develop the capacity and capability to be able to do the same. In other words, I'm going to share with you everything I know about engineering a sustainable lifestyle and ongoing financial self sufficiency to ensure that time, freedom and choice are abundant enough for you to enjoy your life to the full rather than being slavishly tied to a life of time poor subservient poverty. The purpose of this series therefore serves as an eye opener that will get you thinking not only about what’s involved in engineering the conditions needed to Retire From The Job (RFTJ) but more importantly how you might take that wistful idea from a passing thought of possibility ands turn it into one of reality.

In the next episode of the series, we will start investigating what Retiring From The Job actually means alongside some of the initial steps that you will need to take to get started on that journey.

In tandem with this series I have setup a private RFTJ members only group to provide additional training insights and tools. If you want to accelerate your journey, get interactive help and pose your questions directly to me, join the RFTJ group now. You can do that below.

    Ep2-Where I Am Today?

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