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Learn Everything You Need To Know About How To Become a Highly Paid Professional Advisor.

Episode 1 - Introduction


There are individuals and businesses on the internet charging thousands, if not tens of thousands for the type of "insider consulting insights" I'm going to share with you in this series. You may have even seen some of the advertisments on socail media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for example.But not here. In this series of blog posts You will get my hands on knowledge and experience of being a professional consultant for FREE. Let's get started.

It's a sad fact that many potential high earning consultants will never get to fulfil their dreams and aspirations because they spend most of their valuable time talking about doing it rather than taking the action needed to make it happen.

Many of those find themselves being held back by no one other than themselves. They succumb to their own lack of confidence and the nagging limiting self-belief that the value of their knowledge, experience and expertise is worthless and not capable of providing enough value for anyone to consider paying for it.

They often become fixated on constrained ways thinking that have built up over the years. They listen to negative narratives, associate with the wrong types of influencers and continue to be guided and led by others, who to be honest rarely have the level of experience to provide guidance that’s any more than opinion or anecdote.

Many find themselves believing that success in an industry like consultancy is for other people and deep down don't believe for a minute that they have the knowledge, know-how and attitude to become a successful “paid” advisors or consultants. For those of you out there having those niggling doubts about having the ability to make a serious income as a consulting practitioner, I am going reveal to you a simple truth that in some way may demonstrate that you already have everything you need to turn that vision into reality.

When you think about it we are all advisors, consultants, coaches and mentors at some level. Don't believe me? Simply think about how often you have been in the position where you freely provide advice to help others resolve their problems, assist with their development in some way or help them to progress or improve their condition.

What about when you are asked for your professional opinion or viewpoint about something. Have you ever been asked for your guidance or to help validate something? Have you ever helped a colleague or family member to weight up the pros and cons of a scenario to help them make an important decision? Have you ever provided counsel to family or friends to help them talk, thorough their problems, come up with options and plan potential resolutions? Perhaps you are a great facilitator experienced at organising and bringing together complex projects. Maybe you’re an expert negotiator who can quickly resolve conflicts? My point here is that these are many of the skills that the most successful professional advisors and consultants possess.

The fact is we naturally leverage these skills all the time. Many are intuitive and built into our subconsciously and we utilise them without even thinking about it. The only difference between what you do on a day to day basis and what a consultant does is they get paid a stack of cash doing it within professional environments and that's exactly what I’m going to teach you how to do.

In this series, I’m going to freely teach you everything I know about becoming how you can start working as a highly paid consultant within your field. . I’m going to teach you what Consulting really is, how it works, how to engage effectively with clients, why selling is not required, how to package up your expertise,and importantly how to position yourself and your to maximise your financial rewards. much much more.

If you’re serious about becoming a highly paid consultant or want to be able to create unique differentiation for yourself and your employers by learning and adopting a consulting approach you might find joining my Free Consulting Experts private members group extremely valuable. You can do that right now by simply entering your email below.

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