Building My Own Campervan - Complete Freedom

I have always loved the idea of self contained travel and adventure. The feeling of complete freedom and independence to go when and where ever I want at a moments notice. Go away on a micro adventure for a day or set off on a worldwide adventure for a year, the choice is all mine. Here I document the design and build of my own campervan.

Campervan Build Videos

Ep.1 - Pre Build Walkaround

Ep.2 - Layout Ideas

Ep.3 - Early Design Ideas

Ep.4 - Insulation Thoughts

Ep.5 - Design Witterings

Ep.6 - A Big Decision

Ep.7 - Insulation Part 1

Ep.8 - Insulation Part 2

Ep.9 - Pop Top & Windows

Ep.10 - Insulation Part 3

Ep.11 - Floor Build - Part 1

Ep.12 - Floor Build - Part 2

Ep.13 - Kitchen & Cladding

Ep.14 - Cladding Completed

Ep.15 - Diesel Heater & Bed

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