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Kindle Self Publishing Paperback Template

Download Your Free "ready To Print" Kindle Paperback Publishing Template

As an established author I have written, contributed to and co-authored over twenty business books over the last seven years, including the best selling "How to Become A StartUp Pro Series". During this time I have no only learned a thing or two about successfully writing, publishing and marketing self published business-related titles, but have distilled it down into a systemised approach that has given me the capabilty to do it quickly, cheaply and most importantly of all profitably.

One of the most important apsects of self publishing is to create resuable assets that leverage your capacity to reduce workflow time and effort, minimise the risks of mistakes whilst being able to produce predictable and repeatable results. There is no better tool for this than the template and thats why I have created the Kindle paperback template.

You can download my Kindle self publishing paperback template for free, right now. The template is a simplified copy of the one I use personally to format my own paperbacks for printing via Amazons kindle direct publishing platform. The template is pre configured with correct settings you needto produce the common 6x9" book format. Enjoy.

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